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They have faired their keel with templates and know that:


On many boats, the difference between the designed keel shape and the manufactured shape is greater than the difference between the shape of a new and a worn out sail. Computer Keels' product design minimizes the skill and tools required to make accurate templates The instructions explain how to easily make templates, fair your keel, and reduce or eliminate keel blistering


Compukeel® Templates and Template kits are available for most J-boats. The performance improvements available from our patented templates are very noticeable.The Compukeel™ Template Kit consists of multiple section profiles precisely drawn in ink on Mylar for the locations defined in the class rules or design specifications. The product design and instructions minimize the skill and tools required to make accurate templates using picture-mat board reinforced with wood strips (not included). This construction technique produces very accurate templates that are quickly fabricated with a minimum amount of skill using a hand saw, utility stapler, ruler, and utility knife. Or, Computer Keels Company can assemble the Compukeel™ Template Kit into ready to use Assembled Compukeel™ Templates for an additional charge.

Two versions of the Compukeel™ Template Kit and Assembled templates are available. The first is the original Compukeel™ Templates and Template Kit that for eighteen years has been used to fair more keels than any other template product. The Template Kit comes with instructions to make templates using picture matboard reinforced with wood furring strips (not included). Also include are instructions explaining the keel fairing process and information on how to reduce or eliminate keel blistering.

The Compukeel™ II Templates and Template Kit have additional information on the patterns, a template locating ruler with tolerances, and expanded instructions that explain the keel fairing process in much greater detail. The improved instructions, which are the result of user feed back and incorporate the best practices found by many users, and the additional information on the patterns significantly speed up the fairing process. A checklist of items to prevent or eliminate performance problems resulting from the keel and or rudder is included along with other boat preparation details that many people overlook.

The CRD model utilizes the class rule minimums and is available for most J-boats. The CKD model is a proprietary design developed to improve performance in certain conditions that is permissible under class rules.

The J/24 model CKD enhances upwind performance in higher wind range with the 150% genoa.. Many owners feel that it provides many of the benefits of the keel-forward program, but without the hassle of moving the keel forward, or accentuates the impact of moving the keel forward. It also provides improved boat speed downwind in all conditions, providing a significant tactical advantage.

The J/22 model CKD has a fuller entry, making the keel more stall resistant upwind in heavier air conditions, and/or when racing in PHRF with a genoa.

The performance improvement from fairing the J/29, J/30,and J/35 is very significant. On the J/29 and J/30, additional instructions explain keel chordlength changes which significantly improve performance in certain conditons.

Owners have reported boatspeed and pointing improvements on the J80, J92, J105 and J120

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